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The final episode of LOCKDOWN CREATIVITY is here...

"The Hotel Room was designed to simulate a scenario where standard process fails and in these situations, how do you cope?

How can you best flex your creative skill sets and outcomes would you achieve"?




To read about the Hotel Room in depth, the lessons learned and how to enable optimal creative skill sets for elite thinking, process and outcomes, download the first chapter from my upcoming book APPLIED CREATIVITY here...

LOCKDOWN CREATIVITY is ten episodes discussing creativity + creative skill sets: innovation, problem solving, composition, emotional intelligence, adaptability and originality.

The aim of this series is to demystify the creative process... at the same time I'll dismiss the elitism starting to creep in around creative skill sets.

Work with me to improve your creative skills, thinking, process and outcomes here...

Watch all the episodes here...

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Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Creative Skill Sets

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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