I describe my career as 15 years of hopscotch between corporate + creative.

As a trained Actor, I ground it out, writing, producing and performing much of my own work,

from feature films to fringe shows before successfully optioning concepts to Netflix and the BBC.

As a Consultant / L&D Specialist with a background in Education / Behavioural Psychology, 

I've over a decade designing cognitive and needs based assessments, including 'escape rooms' for spies, scaling start-ups nationally with zero cost strategy and retraining doctors to empathetically connect.

I'm the Founder + Lead Creative of Black Bulb Creative & Associates;

an Author, Speaker and Coach, with a flair for street photography and card magic!

My mission is to share the power + potential of creativity.

How I address the current landscape...

The root issue of COVID disruptions are two-fold:

  • A spike in demand to interpret complex conditions; adapt, solve and design unique solutions.

  •  A deficit of creative skill sets and intelligence resulting in slow, superficial outcomes.

APPLIED CREATIVITY provides the tools organisations need to cut through the jargon and directly apply what they know, for optimal results: leading strategy, improved process and unique solutions.

Our landscape has changed, you're required to shift with it... there's never been a better time.