About Me.

I describe my career as..."15 years of hopscotch between corporate and creative". 

How did I get here and why this crazy niche?


The path to 'Creative Thought Leader'

was never going to be a straight line...

It started when I dropped out of Uni, to live and train in a Kung Fu school.


Actor... writer... photographer... Barista (cliché, I know)... L&D Consultant... I was a Private Investigator for a week...

I've successfully optioned projects to Netflix, the BBC and worked with Warner Bros. films.

Over the last fifteen years, I've managed to juggle creative pursuits in tandem with corporate contracts. 

From scaling tech start-ups, nationwide, with zero cost strategy, to re-training Doctors to empathetically connect and designing 'escape rooms' for spies... creativity has been key to both of my professional careers.

Pre-COVID, creativity was a 'nice to have'...

it was never deemed essential.

As an Artist, I've always understood creativity was essential... how it behaves by its own rules... its limitless potential.

It is a misconception that creativity 'has no rules'... it does... we just need to learn its language.

In a post-pandemic era... the demand for creativity has been exposed.

Leadership require the ability to adapt intelligently, solve complex problems and empathetically manage teams.

Organisations must be proactive to adopt alternative solutions, think creatively and design original innovation if they're to survive a disruptive landscape.

Creativity is now the 'must have skill'...

this is where I come in...

Over fifteen years working cross-industry, I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard... "I'm not creative".

It isn't true.

What you feel you need is a clear place to start... then a process you can follow... with a little guidance, I'm confident you can take care of the rest and you'll be astonished at what you can unlock for yourself.

To help clarify this process, I've distilled the Six Creative Skill Sets to help organisations form a practical approach to creativity:


  • Develop creative intelligence.

  • Build effective creative process.

  • Design OPTIMAL creative solutions.

To sum up with Einstein... "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Disruption prompts change... there's never been a better time.

Get in touch below to learn how I can help you.