What do you do when the world goes into lockdown?

Create a web-series, of course!

Ten short videos exploring optimal creative thinking,

skills, process... (and the occasional card trick)!



This intro gives you an overview of who I am, the work I do and what this series is about.

Ep. 2: Top Six Creative Skill Sets

What they are, how they apply to you and how to apply them for optimal creative outcomes.

Ep. 4: The Demand for Creative Skill Sets

Where has this global demand come from and how can you address it?
Hint: It wasn't COVID.

Ep. 6: How to Play

What is PLAY? Why is it important?

And how can you employ it to develop creative thinking, skills and process?

Ep. 8: Optimal Creative Skill Sets

When it comes to Creative Skill Sets, how can you assess good... better... best?

Let's look at an optimal creative solution.

Ep. 10: The Hotel Room

The Hotel Room was designed to simulate a scenario where standard process fails and in these situations, how do you cope?

Ep. 1: Defining Creativity

How to define genuine creativity and how can you develop original ideas like Uber...?

Let me show you a card trick.

Ep. 3: Productivity vs. Creativity

The problem with productivity as a model is it cannot reconcile creative process... here's why.

Ep. 5: Brainstorming

Collaborative process is effective in very few endeavours... here's why... and how you can employ optimal creative process.

Ep. 7: Originality.

To create anything original, you need an informed opinion of what's come before you.

Let's examine what it takes to be original.

Ep. 9: Emotional Intelligence

Does E.Q really matter?

Yes... but if this is a genuine goal, you'll need a very different approach.

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