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Creativity Requires Time

A short excerpt on the necessity of allowing time when applying creative process.

One reason Art is such an effective tool in expression and healing, specially within fields dealing with deep trauma, is that: 

  1. Abstract thought allows the mind to diverge down unfamiliar pathways or detour around damaged or blocked (neural) pathways.

  2. It allows an individual time. Time for self. Time to find their own way.

Indeed artistic expression for many may feel as a form of meditation; whether it be painting, colouring, drawing, singing or dancing, the technical skill is permitted to operate autonomously.

I shoot black and white street photography… (you can find some on this blog). 99% of this process is wandering around the streets in observation of the world with no particular destination… until I discover something interesting.

Artistically, this was my process.

When I reflect back on that period, at the time emotionally, I was dealing with an inordinate amount of stress and tolerating a toxic relationship.

This process facilitated a means of expression for my current emotional state - a void that writing and therapy was already overloaded with - and allowed me permission to leave my home with no distractions and simply have time alone for myself.

Creatively, some of our best work originates in trauma…

In fact, if I were to be so bold as to define the origin of all Art, it would be; how would you express yourself to the world if you could not speak?


Christopher. S. Sellers is an expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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