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Creativity + Einstein...'God does not play dice'...

Einstein and I have something in common; we both believe that 'God does not play dice'...

Meaning, that there is a cohesive theory for the universe.

Einstein's universe was physics.

My universe is #creativity.

Allow me to explain...

Top 10 Skills for 2025 - World Economic Forum

In Corporate, we discuss creativity in terms of problem solving and #innovation.

How creativity is required for new ideas, improving systems and designing the tools of the future.

There is a LOT of research/rhetoric on this... (I won't go into it now).

However, when you ask Corporate (or any fan of #designthinking)...

"How does this creative process apply to the Arts"?

To Actors, Singers, Dancers on stage?

To Writers crafting fiction, non-fiction and everything in between?

To Philosophers, Architects and Chefs?

Creative-Corporate process and rationale falls apart.

The Arts is undoubtedly creative... but when we talk of creativity, it seems there's one set of creative rules for Corporate folk and another set of creative rules for Arts folk.

Enter me, hand-in-hand with Einstein.


Rather than rules, exceptions, philosophy and chaos... I reason that creativity is more accurately reflected in six skill sets that are universal and anyone can employ.

For example...

  • A Musicians creative ability to COMPOSE results in a symphony.

  • A Coders creative ability to COMPOSE results in intuitive programming.

The creative skill is the same... the outcome is relative... and one is no more creative than the other.

Another example...

  • A Doctor employs PROBLEM SOLVING to diagnose a patient.

  • A Mechanic employs PROBLEM SOLVING to fix my motorbike.

  • You employ PROBLEM SOLVING to complete the Sunday crossword puzzle.

This is a taste of the Six Creative Skill Sets and an insight into my universal theory of creativity.

I've employed this model with clients to critically assess creative thinking, skills and outcomes and to improve quality of ideas and creative process in Leadership

I've personally used this models to solve complex strategic objectives for clients, write concepts for Netflix and BBC4 and design escape rooms for spies.

I explore, expand and explain this universal theory of Six Creative Skill Sets in my upcoming book APPLIED CREATIVITY, which I'm pleased to say, goes to my Editor this week... due to be published Oct 2022.

Another similarity Einstein and I share is neither of us like to wear socks.


If you would like to learn how to develop the creative intelligence of you and your team, book your consult here...

For the price of a coffee + chat, I can lead you through a mini-assessment to demonstrate how creativity is never delivered by the new tool, rather a creative shift in your thinking..


Christopher. S. Sellers: Creative Thought Leader + Founder of the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets

Director + Lead Creative @ Black Bulb Creative


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