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The Oven Made a Cake!

The oven made a cake!

Have you heard this saying?

Probably not.. but I bet you have heard this...

"My best creative ideas come to me when I'm walking... or in the shower... or on the toilet... or..."...

It's the same as saying... 'the oven made a cake'...

Let me explain this delicious analogy.

You're hungry... you feel like cake.

You look up the recipe.

You buy the ingredients.

You crack eggs, blend milk, sift flour, whip butter.

You make a mess.

You pour it all into a pan.

You lick the spoon.

You put the pan in the oven and then you leave it to bake.

An hour later you come back and 'eureka'!

The oven made a cake.




Was it the magical oven?

Or was it the recipe, plus all the work you put into it, that allowed your cake to rise?

It's true that fresh ideas may come to us in our idle moments...

But the good ones... the reeeeeally killer ideas, aren't half-baked...

They're developed over time, in craft.




What's your cake?

Is it delicious... or only half-baked?





Christopher. S. Sellers: Creative Thought Leader + Founder of the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets

Director + Lead Creative @ Black Bulb Creative


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