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Knowledge Alchemy Podcast

Do you need something sexy to listen to this weekend?

A few weeks ago Jamal Cynthia Abilmona sent me a message...

"I saw one of your videos on #creativity and watched your web series and knew I wanted to have you on the podcast, but I never get around to it"...

Well, she finally got around to it.

This is a long-form chat where Jamal and I dive into my model of the Six Creative Skill Sets, how they're applied and what they mean for the organisations I work with.

We also chat about #mentalhealth and a few unique classes of intelligence I think I casually discovered.




I have to say, I've done a few podcasts (always open for more)... Jamal is a quality host; she does her homework, is intelligent, gracious and super easy to talk to.

If you're in the #thoughtleadership space, I thoroughly recommend working with her.



Enjoy your weekend folks + happy listening!




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Christopher. S. Sellers: Creative Thought Leader + Founder of the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets

Director + Lead Creative @ Black Bulb Creative

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