Intersections: a simple test in decision making

If you ever wanted to observe an elementary test in decision making, stand at a busy intersection and wait for pedestrians to queue.

Who will cross the street first?

The majority of pedestrians will wait (im)patiently for the little man to turn green, permitting them to cross.

There is smaller group who will look towards the oncoming traffic, waiting for it to slow or dashing through in the gaps in between.

Then there are the handful of lateral kids, who look in the opposite direction entirely. Why?

Because they know that the indicators for the traffic to slow or stop, are the traffic lights displayed across the intersection.

So while no one way is right or wrong, a savvy pedestrian is aware of all three factors. In fact, who crosses the street first, is not as important as those who have processed input from various sources to negotiate a suitable risk.

Rushing to be first is fine, but all it takes is for you to fail at crossing the street once...

Organisations require all three types (and every type in between); though it's critical to understand that when it comes to insightful decision making and leadership; flexibility, the capacity to observe objectively - sometimes radically - is what will enable a company to lead, rather than simply follow the trend and wait (im)patiently for permission to cross.

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Christopher. S. Sellers is a Speaker + Author on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative