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Force Multipliers: the golden bullet!

Force multipliers... sexy term... what are they exactly?

A Force multiplier is the 'golden bullet' of solutions... they're a single solution that satisfies multiple, complex conditions and achieves an outcome greater than the sum of its parts.

So what would this look like?

Imagine basic problem solving was one problem requiring one solution: 1 : 1

Complex problem solving was ten problems requiring ten independent solutions: 10 : 10

A force multiplier would provide one solution to satisfy all ten problems and enhance overall performance: 1 : 100

Obviously force multipliers are an attractive ideal... as an organisation, you gain increased value from one process, and as a consultant they enable you to offer effective, comprehensive solutions, at an incredible ROI.

Organisations from Intelligence to hospitality and tech start-ups have all benefitted from some force multipliers I've designed, often at zero/minimal cost.

However... force multipliers are more often rejected than they're employed.


There's a disconnect with perception.

If one problem requires one solution: 1 : A

And ten problems requires ten independent solutions:

1 : A

2 : B

3 : C

4 : D

5 : E

6 : F

7 : G

8 : H

9 : I

10 : J

To satisfy multiple, complex conditions, force multipliers are often atypical solutions:

Force multiplier = 7Q%

Even though they may tick all the boxes on the brief - to Leadership, a Manager, a CEO, or Board Member - atypical solutions will often appear unrecognisable.

This is the root of the issue - not that the force multipliers are a risk - more specifically;

Original ideas are - by definition - atypical.

When Creative Skill Sets are in their highest demand, for organisations wishing to capitalise on innovation, it is critical for creativity to be recognisable by those in positions of influence.

To learn how you can apply the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets to develop optimal thinking, process and outcomes... download our creative model here...

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Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Creative Skill Sets

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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