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The world is becoming more and more digital…

No. It isn’t.

Christopher Sellers

The ‘pivot’ to digital is a reflex to social circumstances we find imposed upon us. Zoom meetings. Face-time. Webinars. Are tools to satisfy a need.

We are reacting to conditions.

Once the conditions change - once lockdowns and sanctions are lifted - what do you think will happen?

Humans are intrinsically social; collectively we are frustrated at the lack of human(e) connection and are currently using digital mediums to satisfy this need.

When it is permissible to venture outside, hug, kiss hello, share a beer, talk within a 6ft radius, this is what we will flock to.

And then, like all good reflex reactions, it will swing back the other way and we will find a happy medium.

What is critical to understand is:

  1. This will happen; it is an observable trend.

  2. No industry will remain unaffected.

  3. My prediction: Organisations will be judged (internally/externally) on a values basis.

So if you’re planning your organisational strategy or marketing campaign or PR strategy, are these the factors you are compensating for?

If you’d like to know more, you can read about the mistake of conflating outcomes with ‘need’ in the initial chapters of my book here.

Until the end of April I am offering complimentary consultations for organisations looking to navigate their current conditions.


Christopher. S. Sellers is an expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative

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