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What everyone is doing wrong re: Viruses.

Creativity and Innovation bestows unique insight into complex situations, so here's what everyone is currently doing wrong re: 'viruses'...

Christopher Sellers

Crisis. People freeze.

Industries spend time detailing what the crisis is and how it affects you, because they see it as relevant and popular.

An echo chamber expands as organisations rush to employ a popular #hashtag in order to be seen.

Time, money, energy and resources are committed to capitalising on a trend which...

a) Exacerbates an issue.

b) Compounds the 'freeze'.

c) Both damage your service/identity.

A more effective use of resources is to go against the grain; while it may not be business as usual, here's how you are being pro-active.

In times of panic and unsurety - establish yourself as stable, calm and consistent.

You establish yourself as ahead of the curve - you lead - because once this 'crisis' has subsided, everyone will be playing catch up to rebrand themselves.

And audiences remember... if a month ago you were 'cautious of travel' and today you're promoting 'free holidays'... you've burned any credibility.

So if you're a forward thinking let's discuss how to intelligently position yourself at Black Bulb Creative & Associates.


Christopher. S. Sellers is a Speaker + Author on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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