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"Unique to creativity is the ability to

interpret the same information,

within the same parameters

and draw out a unique outcome.


Apply this trait to your strategy...

to data analysis... to risk assessment...

to innovation and problem solving... 

Immediately, how much more valuable does your thinking become?

This is how you lead".

Christopher. S. Sellers

There's four ways we can work together...


Board Advisory, Strategic Consulting or Project management; Christopher provides organisations clear strategy, expert independent insight, specialising in delivering force multipliers.


Creativity is recognised by Forbes, CNBC, Financial Times as the most critical trait in demand for the future.

Creative thinking, skills and process are now essential to the future of work, education and leadership.


Over 15 years consulting cross-industry, gain Christopher's expert insight and develop your creative intelligence.
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Want to play-along with Spies to solve an escape room... or learn why Picasso kept a goat and why it matters!?

Online or onstage, Christopher is an engaging, entertaining speaker who delivers value, insight and inspiration!

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