Executive Coaching
Workshops + Speaking.

"When information is abundant, immediately accessible and free,

the challenge is no longer what you think... but how you think"...

Christopher. S. Sellers

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Christopher provides organisations expert independent insight, specialising in designing 'force multipliers' for complex strategic projects.

Services include:

  • Independent Board Advisory.

  • Project Management.

  • L&D tools + Facilitation: evaluate creative thinking, skills and process.

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Executive Coaching

There are a lot of Executive Coaches, why choose a Creative?

The demand for problem-solving and innovation, are skills that no organisation can ignore.

Emotional intelligence and adaptability are key traits for effective leadership.
But the creative edge lies in your ability to compose original ideas, solutions and strategy.

This potential for revolutionary creativity lies in you... you need to right guide to unlock it.

APPLIED CREATIVITY + Six Creative Skill Sets provides a practical framework to:

  • Identify creative strengths​.

  • Unblock the 'risk' inhibiting your creativity.

  • Build robust creative process.

  • Productively manage creative projects + teams.

  • Objectively assess creative solutions.

  • Design OPTIMAL creative outcomes.

Creativity is not only the skill of the future... it is future proof.

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Christopher offers workshops + keynotes on each of the Six Creative Skill Sets delivering interesting, actionable insight.

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