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"The challenge for the future is no longer what you think... but how you think"...

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Strategic Advisory

Christopher provides organisations expert independent insight, specialising in designing 'force multipliers' for complex strategic projects.

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Services include:

  • Independent Board Advisory.

  • Project Management.

  • L&D tools + Facilitation: evaluate creative thinking, skills and process.

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Leadership Development

As an L&D Architect, Christopher's Creative Skills Assessment (CSA) for ELT and C-suite, objectively assesses creative intelligence and process, applied to decision making and strategy.

The CSA allows Leadership to:


  • Critically evaluate creative thinking, process and outcomes.

  • Identify areas of strength and needs for improvement.

  • Provide clarity around effective creative process.

  • Provide a model to develop tangible skills and vet creative concepts.


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Challenge your thinking...

Christopher's keynotes and workshops are tailored to your audience to deliver fun, interesting, actionable insight.

For more content ideas, watch Christopher's web series, LOCKDOWN CREATIVITY here...

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Coffee + Chat

How does creativity apply to you?


Proactively leveraging atypical solutions is how organisations adapt, solve, innovate and lead.

I'll tell you what... I'll lead you through a mini Creative Skills Assessment (CSA).

In 45 mins I'll demonstrate how you can identify, apply, develop and measure creative intelligence to think smarter, faster and solve impossible problems.

You already have everything you need...

I'll show you how.