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Sundays are for Art (photography)

Christopher. S. Sellers

Degraves St. - Melbourne

C.S.Sellers - 2015

Composition and #Innovation.⁠

I captured this image on Degraves St. Melbourne; a renown alley riddled with cafes, tourists, fashion and students.⁠

I didn't want to capture the same busy imagery, so I altered my view...⁠

Symmetry. Composition. Simplicity. ⁠

A perfect black to white spectrum.⁠

Technical skill in harmony with creative application.⁠

(You may notice the alternating pattern in the windows).

#Creativity has the ability to observe the same information within the same parameters and draw out a unique result; this is where we find innovation.⁠

Photographic composition operates within a similar principle.

Original ideas, innovation, creative solutions rely not on the tools, but from a different model of thought - and like photographic composition - can be learned like any other skill.⁠

* * * * *

I only have three rules for my photography:

1. It must be candid

2. I prefer monochrome

3. Avoid photoshop


Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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