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What I've always loved about Theatre, is for all the rhetoric, philosophy, theory and debate...

At the end of the day, you need to stand before a room full of strangers and deliver.

A bare, naked audience is a most accurate acid test.

However it goes... silence or applause... a professional shows up to do it all again tomorrow.

Social media platforms are a little similar... (but not really)...

We sit behind the screen... there are many filters between 'us' and 'them'...

We can hide behind slick, edited copy... pretty photos... easy answers...

We can use trauma-porn to appear vulnerable or success-porn to highlight status.

Social media insulates the Creator from the Audience... to each their detriment.

I don't like this, so I've adapted method to change the game and restore the integrity of the dynamic.




In Theatre, there is a type of workshop called a Masterclass.

As an audience, you could pay to attend a professional Theatre rehearsal and watch famous professional Actors, workshop scenes with seasoned Directors.

It's a unique way to learn, as you get to watch Actors workshop their method... and also observe a Director challenge and fine-tune their process.

Every masterclass I ever observed I walked away buzzing with new, fresh ideas and inspired with potential!

So I borrowed this concept for myself.




Tomorrow I'm hosting my first MASTER(CLASS) on CREATIVITY.

I'm working with five professionals on a Creative Skills Assessment (CSA) I designed.

Welcome your cast, Tony Albrecht, Dowdy Sarvis, Tucker Bascom, Amanda McKibbon, Jane Hardjono.

We're going to work through it together... live... explore their ideas... and challenge their creative thinking, process, skills and outcomes.




I'm a little nervous... it's my first time hosting a session like this... and I feel like I'm exposing a LOT of my inner-work... (for free)...

But it's the thrill of the challenge, I'm not hiding behind a screen...

I'm engaging directly with my peers to demonstrate my theory, method, my way, on my terms, with professionals who are curious, passionate, dedicated and skilled in their own field.

They're my audience... you're my audience... I'm going to walk my own talk and you can decide whether I have what it takes.




I'll be running a free MASTER(CLASS) every fortnight.

If you're interested in what's coming up or want to participate in the next session, join us here at MASTER(CLASS) CREATIVITY:

See you tomorrow for opening night.



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Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Founder of the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets

Director + Lead Creative @ Black Bulb Creative

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