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How I teach optimal innovation, problem solving, composition, emotional intelligence, adaptability and originality.

The Radically Creative


Book Launch Challenge!

Applied Creativity; your guide to revolutionary thinking and the six skills to unlock your creative potential...

launches 5th November, 2022.

I'm making my complete timeline, strategy and marketing plan, available to you.

One book...

1,000 copies...

Three months marketing...

Zero budget...


Creativity is the skill most critically in demand for the future of work and education.


So why don’t we have it?

And how should you learn it?

Is creativity defined by innovation, or is there something more?

Can the arts offer any insight, or do original ideas rely on natural genius?

In this book Christopher articulates the creativity problem...

How standard education devalues creative intelligence.
Why collaboration and productivity cripple creative process.


Drawing on Steve Jobs, Diane Arbus, Aristotle, Uber, Tarantino and some sleight of hand, Christopher offers a radical new language to practically apply your creativity.


APPLIED CREATIVITY is essential reading for leadership seeking to navigate disruption, adapt, solve and innovate; providing a practical framework to sharpen creative strengths, develop creative intelligence and lead revolutionary change.

(coming 5th November)


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