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Three reasons why CREATIVE Skill Sets

are the future of work + education.

The need to adapt, solve, innovate and develop original ideas is universal.

New tools, original ideas and innovative solutions, define industry leaders.

Ideas are free... quality ideas propagate specific, high value solutions.

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Learn how the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets
enable optimal creative thinking, process and outcomes.

Christopher. S. Sellers, Australia's leading expert on creativity + creative skill sets: innovation, design thinking, originality, emotional intelligence, applied creativity


Christopher. S. Sellers

Expert on Creativity + Creative Skill Sets.


Over the last fifteen years, Christopher has consulted for a kaleidoscope of industries, from Intelligence to tech-start-ups, WB Films and Netflix, working with Leaders invested in optimal creative practice, cultures conducive to creativity and leading ideas.

Disruption prompts change... it's time for a shift.

Christopher's original model of APPLIED CREATIVITY clarifies creative thinking, skills and process, providing practical tools to enhance design thinking, R&D, strategic architecture and more...

Our landscape has changed, you're required to shift with it...

there's never been a better time.

Develop optimal CREATIVE Skill Sets...

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It's not what you think, but how.

Whatever your project, problem or process,

let's discuss how to achieve an optimal outcome.


Online or onstage, Christopher delivers

provocative, engaging and informative content.

Play along to solve puzzles in real time, or learn why Picasso kept a goat!?


Be the disruptor... not the disrupted.


Upskill your team; influence culture, manage creativity and become proactive to change.


Creative thinking + skill sets now define

the future of leadership.

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What they say...

"Christopher is the first expert I've encountered whose work cuts through the noise. 

It's actionable, not theory. He makes it simple, so it becomes effective".

Luke Daniels - Director Technical Operations, Federal Group

Transport NSW
NSW Corrective Services
EA Games
Soho House
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