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How I teach optimal innovation, problem solving, composition, emotional intelligence, adaptability and originality.


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  • 28th July - First chat w/ Jessica (Editor)

  • 29th July - Send manuscript for a sample edit + quote

  • Panic, because now I need to market this thing!


  • 1st Aug - Quote agreed w/ Jessica, send full manuscript

  • 3rd Aug - LinkedIn post to start the Hype Train… link here...

  • (The weekend of the 4th, 5th, I get the co-operative, kick-starter idea and sit on it to let it bake)

  • 8th Aug - Draft RCIBLC brief to test interest

  • 9th Aug - Post on LI to tease my ‘radically creative idea’… link here...

  • Offer brief to those interested (think I sent out about 13)
    9/13 said ‘hell yes, what do you need’

  • 12th Aug - Structural edit of manuscript returned for approval and track changes

  • (13th, 14th) - too scared to look at it

  • 15th - sit down with manuscript and notes, it’s all positive
    - You can review the initial manuscript report here...

  • Begin working through manuscript track changes

  • 15th, 16th - Draft ideas for video marketing/promos
    - Have to wait for construction to finish in my apartment block to shoot

  • 15, 16th - Build project landing page on website

  • 16th - Shoot some videos/begin editing Launch video

  • 17th - Finish editing Launch video; schedule to YouTube + LinkedIn

  • 18th - LinkedIn Launch Video… link here...

  • YouTube Launch video… link here...

  • 18th - Build Members page on website

  • 19th - Finalise Members Area (wrapped this at midnight thanks to a server crash)

  • 20th - Engage Travis Hinkle to design logos

  • 22nd - Edit 'How + Why' strategy video + upload to site
    - Schedule to LinkedIn + YouTube

  • 22nd - reach out to Tiffany Redden to Project Manage launch

  • 23rd - chat with Mathilde Bernard Funderburk re: marketing + Project Management
    - Shoot BTS videos

    Edit 'Collaboration' video + upload to site

  • 24th/25th - Manuscript track changes

  • 29th - shot, cut + published 'Twins' promo video


  • 1st - Shoot, edit, publish 'Day in the life' BTS video

  • 4th - Create Click-Up account as Project Management tool
    - Set up Mathilde + Tiffany with access
    - Set up G-drive for account management

  • 9th - First Zoom meeting with PM team
    - Tiffany + Mathilde conceive of an amazing concept + strategy to 'gamify' the launch (coming soon)!

  • 10th - Finished draft of Introduction... only the Conclusion to fill in before 100% complete

  • 14th - Publish 'How + Why' video + upload to site
    - Schedule to LinkedIn + YouTube

  • 17th - Published BTS #4 video

  • 19th - Final manuscript sent to Jessica (Editor)
    - Draft shortlist for Advanced Reading Copies
    - Shortlist LinkedIn influencers
    - Consider details for launch party on the 5th November

  • 21st - Jessica returns 2nd pass manuscript

  • 22nd - Travis finalises icon design

  • 26th - Zoom w/ Tiffany +Mathilde to track progress
    - I finalise Introduction + Conclusion for the  manuscript and forward to Jessica

  • 28th - I design an alternative cover for the book - everyone hates it - we stick with the original

  • 29th - A dozen outreach emails sent to LinkedIn connections for Advanced Reading Copies
    - Four connections confirmed same day
    - Jessica returns manuscript to me with minimal edits...99% done.

  • 30th - Clean up Advanced Copy to email to connections


  • 1st - Advanced Reading Copies (ARC) distributed to LinkedIn connections

  • 3rd - Recorded 'First Page' + 'Abstract Intelligence' marketing videos

  • 4th - Drafted back blurb for book
    - ARC's offered to eight Strategic Consultancies in Australia
    - Edited marketing videos

  • 5th - Introduction + Chapter One, available free to download
    - Recorded BTS video
    - Final pass manuscript to Editor

  • 6th - Final manuscript returned... nothing left to write (really weird feeling after two years)
    - Emailed six independent bookstores re: potential book launch + signing

  • 7th - create Ingram Spark account

  • 9th - Marketing plan is filtered out to Members + Contributors

  • 12th - Head into the city for a street photography shoot
    - Shoot + edit BTS video #6. 
    - Baljit wins the first NFT marketing prize - an audiobook with custom introduction!

  • 13th - ISBN purchased for print, ebook and audiobook (I officially break the rules here) $143 AUD
    - Create Ingram Spark account & register metadata
    - Upload print + ebook manuscript  to Ingram Spark  
    (I officially break the rules here) $83 AUD

  • 14th - Final manuscripts awaiting approval by Ingram Spark

  • 19th - We ran an NFT competition over the weekend, including the BTS video, Travis, Julie + Tony won.
    - I create an original magic trick for the winners, now named the Uncle Julie J. Hinkle effect (watch it in the video section above).

  • 21st - Ingram Spark takes 7 days to approve files (they quoted 2-3) so now I'm pissed. 

  • 23rd - Final touch the files.
    - Order a test copy of the book and pay for next day delivery.

  • 25th - No book. Email Ingram Spark.

  • 26th - Ingram replies: apparently the book wasn't printed because there is an error with the margin size (they'd already approved the file).

  • 27th - reformat the entire manuscript and resubmit files to be approved.
    - Email Ingram Spark to follow up, hoping they can expedite the process.

  • 28th - Breath... there is nothing I can do now and nothing is in my control.

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