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How I teach optimal innovation, problem solving, composition, emotional intelligence, adaptability and originality.


Roles +

I'm looking for professionals with a very particular set of skills.

Skills acquired over a long career.

Skills that prove creatives solve 'impossible' daily!

+ Roles

An (incomplete) list of who I need:

  • Graphic Designer #1 - Travis Hinkle stepped in... see Contributors below!

  • Project Manager -  Mathilde Funderburk + Tiffany Redden stepped in... see Contributors below!

  • Graphic Designer #2Book cover design + interior format (#1 and #2 could be the same person)

  • Sales Manager - sales copy for client / prospect outreach
    I suck at sales... I need the most help here.


  • Publicist/media manager - create a press kit for online/in print media + podcasts.

  • Social media manager(s) - We're open to running multiple campaigns, let's chat

+ Contributors


Mathilde Funderburk (MBF) - Project Management + Marketing Queen!

I’m Mathilde Bernard Funderburk or MBF. I’m a Dream architect and business coach.

I guide people to discover their true potential to build their dream life or dream business by teaching them how to create passive income and saving more time in their business. 

I connected in this project because I love giving my time to others and to causes that I believe are essential for entrepreneurs.

And creativity is one of the most important. It should be a key role in any project.

Find Mathilde on LinkedIn here...

Tiffany Redden - Marketing + Strategy Goddess!

With agility and diverse expertise, Tiffany has successfully navigated the ever-changing world of business for more than twenty years. 

Tiffany currently puts her insatiable curiosity and energy to work for Voice & Reason marketing agency, guided by both qualitative and quantitative data to craft innovative, practical strategies that reach organizational goals.

Never one to shy away from a complex challenge, Tiffany has directed agency and in-house marketing and public relations campaigns for a broad range of industries, including healthcare, legal, transportation, agriculture, non-profit, and government.


Find Tiffany on LinkedIn here...

Travis Hinkle.jpg

Travis Hinkle - Graphic Design Wizard!

Travis Hinkle is a creative synthesist, weaving together various creative disciplines to help others simplify complex ideas, with a touch of magic.

He has always been fascinated with how creativity works.

When he heard Chris was publishing a book based on the Six Creative Skill Sets framework, he had one question: how can I help?  Travis is lending his design skills to help make Applied Creativity stand out on shelves everywhere!

Find Travis on LinkedIn here...

Who we're currently working with.

Wow... I'm overwhelmed with initial interest, thankyou!
​During August I'll be contacting Contributors for a chat to work out the details.

Every contributor will be credited + promoted during the rolling socials campaign over the next 3-5 months.
(I may even be writing a mini-ebook on how we built, launched and ran this project to achieve the impossible)!


Look over our Strategy to see where you can contribute, or contact me direct:


Book Calendly chat here...


WhatsApp: +61 40223 5814

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