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What's your Theatre?

There's a saying in the acting world...

“Movies will make you famous; TV will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.” ~Terrence Mann

I cut my teeth performing and writing theatre.

I remember singing 'All I Care About is Love' from Chicago, as Ferdinand in The Tempest and hearing the entire audience swoon.

I've also performed a one man show to an audience of two... it was the most brutal sixty minutes of my life, there was nowhere to hide.

Theatre is live and dynamic, audiences are unpredictable, you need to be physically and emotionally fit, touring is a beast.

It's also one of the most satisfying experiences you can ever taste as performer.

500 strangers in a room... bare boards and a spotlight... you can make magic happen. . . .


Online, I feel people mistake rehearsal for content.

Fame and wealth are attractive and online, they feel tangible and immediate.

That's cool, I want that too... but what's your theatre?

Where do you hone your craft, explore deep, great and shit ideas?

Where are you trained, guided, criticised and critically appreciated?

There are no shortcuts to sustainable success and here's the moral...

Your theatre practice will support your TV and Film work.

Craft will deliver respect and remuneration.

It never works the other way around.


Craft has a cost, it's the price you pay for mastery.

So what's your Theatre?


Christopher. S. Sellers: Creative Thought Leader + Founder of the Six CREATIVE Skill Sets

Director + Lead Creative @ Black Bulb Creative


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