The Hotel Room: how APPLIED CREATIVITY enables you to thrive in an impossible situations.

The Hotel Room is a scenario I designed specifically for the Intelligence Community to assess creative skill sets... do you think you could solve it and get out alive?

Christopher. S. Sellers

Most examinations throughout our education and career are modelled off recitation for demonstrated understanding... “show us what we taught you earlier”... these LINEAR skills, knowledge and expertise form the foundation of competency in any field.

This organisation understood LINEAR expertise could be taught;

to CREATIVELY apply this knowledge was what they were seeking to exercise.

For this reason, I was invited to design a scenario that would flex both LINEAR + CREATIVE skill sets.

What no-one anticipated was that over 90% of trained candidates would fail... they died.

All except one, Candidate #7 (C7). She was the only candidate to employ APPLIED CREATIVITY and survive the Hotel Room, achieving an optimal outcome in the record time.

* * * * *

The Hotel Room exposed a subtle cognitive blindspot and demonstrated that within situations with no predetermined outcome - crises, pandemics, unforeseen challenges or obstacles - reliance on LINEAR process was equally likely to fail as a purely CREATIVE approach.

What is required is flexible model of thought, a harmony of both LINEAR and CREATIVE skill sets to adapt, solve, innovate, compose and achieve an optimal outcome.

The outcome for this organisation was a ground-up re-evaluation of training and process: APPLIED CREATIVITY acted as a force multiplier for the enhancement and preservation of their primary asset - human life.

* * * * *

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