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Sundays are for Art; Why B&W?

Woman with purse - St.James Station

C.S.Sellers - 2015

I get asked a lot why I prefer black and white photography?

There are a lot of reasons, but once of the main reasons is I like the challenge of monochrome.

Photography's origins were in monochromatic tones (sepia, black and white) and Artists were still able to evoke depth of character, emotion and tell a story using 'the basics'.... why can't we?

I suppose the moral is not to confuse the tool with the process.

Colour, filters, editing, photoshop are tools that give a photographer flexibility... they can't replace composition, tone, emotion or the ability to capture a dynamic moment.

In my photography, I prefer to find the quiet moments of personal intimacy, silence and vulnerability where photography is often used to capture the opposite (weddings, parties, Instagram).

It's neither right nor wrong and people will either love it or hate it, but part of my 'job' re: creativity + innovation, is the nuance to observe what is rarely seen and weave it together as a cohesive whole.


I only have three rules for my photography:

1. It must be candid

2. I prefer monochrome

3. Avoid photoshop


Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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