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Sundays are for Art [photography]

Creatively, photography is an exercise in composition + originality; a craft of framing elements to most effectively tell a story... create an impression... or convey a mood.

To become competent, you need to engage in play; exploration without attachment to outcome.

My particular style is street photography since it's dynamic, candid and forces me to adapt to the conditions, people and environment around me.

I prefer monochrome images; I feel a lot can be achieved with less.

I seldom use photoshop and have used the same camera and lens for the last ten years... you don't always need the newest toy.

This exercise, this play, this hobby, this craft, is one of the ways I stay creatively sharp to problem solve, design, compose original solutions, adapt and uniquely interpret data for strategic outcomes.

Creativity is a verb - a 'doing word' - it is less a theoretical exercise and requires application and skill.

How do you sharpen your creativity?

St. James - Sydney, Australia

[taken by me] circa. 2015




Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Creative Skill Sets

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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