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Sundays are for Art [photography]

Blur- Sydney, Australia

[taken by me] circa. 2017



CREATIVITY is a verb... a 'doing' word...

You might understand the recipe, it's another thing to cook the meal and in the end the proof may (literally) be in the pudding.

To be a good chef, you need to cook a lot.

To employ CREATIVITY reliably and effectively, you need to exercise it - not just in theory - not just on paper - in practice.

The first step of training your creativity is engaging your sense of PLAY: exploration without attachment to outcome.

For me it's learning languages, tap dancing, writing, singing, performing, learning card magic and shooting street photography (as pictured).

For you it may be music, puzzles, drawing, colouring, designing or even cooking.

It's not actually the 'hobby' that builds your CREATIVITY, but the ethic and discipline towards your practice.

Committing to exploring foreign skills, develops your neuroplasticity, enhancing your CREATIVE potential, sharpening your skill sets for when you need them.


Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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