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Sundays are for Art: Photography = Innovation?

Christopher. S. Sellers

Platform 3, Town Hall Station - Sydney

C.S.Sellers - 2015

A friend was curious why I share my photography on #LinkedIn, it's simple really...

My job is to demonstrate how the principals of #creativity behave.

It's not magic.

I can show you how they apply as much to photography as #innovation, #designthinking, #creativeproblemsolving, theatre and music.

And if I can illustrate how they're universal, that means you and everyone in your organisation can apply them.

And more importantly... I practice what I preach.

I am a Creative that lives and breathes my work and it's something I love to share, write and speak on.

* * * * *

I only have three rules for my photography:

1. It must be candid

2. I prefer monochrome

3. Avoid photoshop


Christopher. S. Sellers is an Expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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