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Sundays are for Art...(photography)

Sunday Café - B&W Street

C.S.Sellers - 2017

I only have three rules for my photography:

1. It must be candid: no posing/nothing staged

2. I prefer B&W/monochrome

3. Avoid photoshop


You might wonder why... why candid... why monochrome... why no edits?

I like candid because it challenges me to be dynamic and capture the moment.

I have to be aware, I only have an instant.

I like B&W, I was inspired by the likes of Doisneau.

Before colour film or digital, we still had humans, we still lived lives, we still had stories.

I dislike photoshop for similar reasons.

I feel we rely on new tools too often, to fix things or make it clever.

Simplicity is an art; more often it takes greater skill to do less.

If we rely on an eraser, we're lazy with our words.

Train your craft--be decisive and judicious--be bold and dynamic.

Be creative.


Christopher. S. Sellers is an expert on Creativity + Innovation

Founder + Director of Black Bulb Creative


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