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A Different Kind of Happy

"Can't you just be happy"...?

For anyone that's tasted depression, you might have heard this phrase.

My answer was usually... "I'm trying... that's the f#cking point".

My symptoms weren't typical.

I had no energy... I could barely focus... it was affecting my relationships.

Once, after a seven month wait to be evaluated by a major research institute, I was misdiagnosed so badly that I demanded a refund... they offered me a second consult... to reach an opposite diagnosis.

I figured, I won't be fixed...

"Makes sense... you always wanted to be unique Chris".

(Self-talk can be a bitch sometimes)




Two weeks ago I shared a post about my depression... link here:

Call it luck, compassion or good timing... this time I was met with overwhelming support by friends and strangers alike.

What really stunned me was the amount of men, sliding into my DM's to confess paragraphs of their experience.

"There's something still here then... something that we're not talking about"

(Self-talk can be insightful sometimes)




I was fortunate enough to connect with April Lewis.

She's in Tampa in the U.S.

I'm in Sydney, Australia.

Together we've decided to create this initiative... a safe space for professionals to listen, share and learn about depression, anxiety and #mentalhealth.

We're still working out the finer details (we're having a Zoom tomorrow morning) but to everyone who supported us from the beginning, I wanted to keep you in the loop.

Welcome to a new discussion...

Welcome to a Different Kind of Happy... Join our conversation here...





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