1. Creative Skill Sets
2. Creative Process.
3. Optimal Creative Solutions.

The Six Creative Skill Sets help develop your creative intelligence and establish effective creative process. 


Creative Intelligence + Creative Process

= OPTIMAL Creative Solutions


1. Six Creative Skill Sets
determine creative intelligence.

problem solving

fix what's broken


response to change / 

adopt alternative sources


improve existing tools, systems, process


create something new,

unique; not a replica


arrangement of elements for most beneficial outcome

emotional intelligence

ability to interpret context / empathetic understanding

2. Establish Creative Process.

To be effective, creative process must be replicable.

The great Thinkers, Artists and Innovators have four things in common;

Proactive: rather than reactive.

Prolific: they produced a comprehensive body of work.

Leading: proactive + prolific solutions = leaders in their field.

Original: their outcomes revolutionised their industry.

It wasn't magic or genius...


It was a confluence of the Six Creative Skill Sets applied within their field.


3. Optimal Creative Solutions.

To demonstrate how the Six Creative Skill Sets deliver OPTIMAL creative solutions, Christopher has designed the Creative Skills Template.

The Creative Skills Template is your complete creative resource:

  1. A guideline to implementing the Six Creative Skill Sets.

  2. A framework to develop replicable creative process.

  3. A tool to assess the creative potential of innovative tools/ideas.


Download  the Creative Skills Template to develop your creative process, assess the potential of your projects and design OPTIMAL creative solutions.


Download the
Creative Skills

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