1. Why Creativity Matters.
2. Six Creative Skill Sets.
3. Optimal Creative Solutions.

Six Creative Skill Sets facilitate creative thinking,

skills, process and outcomes.


Proactively leverage your creative intelligence to adapt, solve, innovate and lead.

1. Why Creativity Matters.

Recognised by the World Economic Forum, Forbes, CNBC and the Financial Times as the most critical skill in demand; creativity defines the future of organisations within a disruptive landscape. 


Leaders are determined by their creative ability to adapt, innovate,  and design original solutions.

Simply put... when standard thinking and process is ineffective, creativity is your most valuable resource in order to adapt and lead.

The Six Creative Skill Sets provides the foundation to develop practical creative intelligence for you and your team.


2. Six Creative Skill Sets
determine creative intelligence.

There are Six Creative Skill Sets foundational to creative thinking, skills, process and outcomes.

The Six Creative Skill Sets are universal, immediately adoptable and applicable cross-industry.

problem solving





emotional intelligence


3. Optimal Creative Solutions.

How to bring it all together?

Christopher has designed the Creative Skills Template to demonstrate how the Six Creative Skill Sets align to deliver OPTIMAL creative solutions, 

The Creative Skills Template is your complete creative resource:

  1. A guideline to implementing the Six Creative Skill Sets.

  2. A framework to develop replicable creative process.

  3. A tool to assess the creative potential of innovative tools/ideas.


Download  the Creative Skills Template to develop your creative process, assess the potential of your projects and design OPTIMAL creative solutions.

Download the
Creative Skills

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