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Executive Coaching


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Executive Coaching

There are a lot of Executive Coaches, why choose a Creative?

The demand to solve complex problems, adapt within disruption and innovate, are skills that no organisation can ignore. Additionally, leadership require clear emotional intelligence to effectively communicate and engage their teams. 
But what will define you is your ability to proactively design original solutions.

This potential for revolutionary creativity lies in you...

You need to right guide to unlock it.

Over the last fifteen years I've consulted for a kaleidoscope of industries, from government intelligence to telecoms, tech start-ups and Warner Bros. Films on how to develop the thinking, skills and process, critical to creative intelligence.

APPLIED CREATIVITY + Six Creative Skill Sets provides a practical framework to:

  • Identify creative strengths​.

  • Unblock the 'risk' inhibiting your creativity.

  • Build robust creative process.

  • Learn to manage creative projects + teams.

  • Objectively assess creative solutions.

  • Design OPTIMAL creative outcomes.

Creativity is not only the skill of the future... it is future proof.

Contact me for a confidential discussion on how I can help unlock your creative potential.


Creative Skills Assessment

The CSA involves a 15 minute exercise (sent to you when you book your session).

Followed by a 90 minute, 1:1 session with Christopher.

In this session Christopher will:


  • Work with you through your solution to the CSA.

  • Provide you with a framework to objectively assess creative outcomes.

  • Identify your areas of strength and needs for improvement.

  • Demonstrate an OPTIMAL solution to the CSA.

CSA + 90min session

CSA brief w/ OPTIMAL solution

Recording of session

Personalised breakdown of creative strengths + areas for development

$2470 AUD