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Force multipliers are the 'golden bullet' of creative solutions, achieved by employing all Six Creative Skill Sets to design an OPTIMAL outcome.


Force Multipliers are;

  • Single solutions.

  • Satisfy multiple complex conditions.

  • Move the organisation from a reactive to proactive position.

  • Incur minimal cost/risk.

  • Achieve an outcome greater than the sum of their parts.
    (ie: exponential ROI)

Below are three cross-industry examples of Force Multipliers Christopher has designed to deliver exponential return at minimal cost.


  • L&D Assessment for Intelligence Candidates
    SERVICES: L&D tools - Creative Competency - Specialist Training Models PROJECT: Design an original assessment for the Intelligence community to evaluate core competencies and creative skill sets, specifically adaptability and creative problem solving. Compose a model to assess, review and improve candidate training/methodology. PROCESS: 'The Hotel Room' was designed as a live operational scenario to assess candidate training and objectively evaluate creative thinking, skills and process, against measurable outcomes. It was trialled for 2 weeks and run as a live exercise for 12 weeks. OUTCOME: 'The Hotel Room' experienced a 90% fail rate. This outcome was considered to be highly successful. - The Hotel Room successfully identified unforeseen vulnerabilities in operational thinking, training and execution. - Key creative skill sets were identified. - The creative model designed to assess candidates was simple and effective. - Candidate's creative process could be identified, measured and assessed. A 'green grass' approach was adopted to re-evaluate core skills and incorporate optimal creative process to existing pedagogy.
  • Problem Solving Revenue for International Hospitality Group
    SERVICES: Problem solving -Business strategy - Training - Culture PROJECT: An international hospitality group and private members club, was experiencing an undiagnosed, slump in revenue across all twelve of their venues nationally. Standard process to reduce costs and leverage assets had delivered no impact. PROCESS: For this organisation F&B were the ‘bread and butter’ offerings - their business model was designed around annual memberships and renewals. This is what was at risk - not the short-term fiscal budget - the attraction/retention of future members. First, I identified the root issue wasn't a sales/revenue issue, rather a culture issue. Second, I independently initiated a complimentary English class for all staff at their Notting Hill venue. OUTCOME: The following quarter, Notting Hill recorded a 200% increase in F&B revenue and staff turnover reduced to almost zero. A sustainable, scalable, solution that stabilised revenue, positively impacted employee culture and was proactive in retaining Client memberships. Estimated ROI approximated at 1 : 1000.
  • Culture + Change Management Strategy for Tech Start-Up
    SERVICES: Strategic Architecture - Change Management - Business Development - Agile PROJECT: A last-mile delivery app, wished to adopt an Uber business model: The task was to migrate 5,000 existing users to this new model. I was tasked with the redesign of the contractor business model + contractor engagement. Challenges included: Managing a culture shift, while retaining current operations. Retaining metrics of increased contractor attraction, while reducing churn. No budget was issued. No tech changes within the app were permitted. PROCESS: I designed an incentive based reward scheme, focused on rewarding contractor engagement and engendering loyalty to the brand. The solution provided was: Effective. Scalable. Required no tech changes within the app. Offered a distinct point of difference (from Uber and other competitors) Maintained the current service. Ethical. Original. Engendered contractor loyalty. Zero risk. Zero cost. I provided this solution within 24hrs. OUTCOME: The project was rejected by the CEO because "you didn't give it to me in a business plan". An example of leadership often being unable to recognise high-value, atypical solutions to complex problems. POST SCRIPT: This strategy was later employed to launch new inter-state communities with overwhelming success. Contractor engagement was immediate, growth and retention was steady at 30% per quarter.

To learn more about these case studies and how Christopher can design a Force Multiplier for your next project, email:

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